. Welcome to Hereford .org.uk, your local guide for Hereford and Herefordshire. Set along the bank of the famous River Wye, the city of Hereford is the county town of Herefordshire and is famous for its ancient Cathedral which dates back to between 1010 and 1015. The town was given city status originally by Henry 1st in 1154, and the standing was re-awarded by Queen Elizabeth in 2000. The streets and architecture of Hereford are a wonderful surprise to visitors because they closely follow the medieval layout. Find out more in the About Hereford section or read our Hereford Guide.

Hereford Tourist Attractions

Hereford has a great deal to offer to tourists. It is an especially attractive town with its picturesque riverbank, spectacular Norman Cathedral, the Mappa Mundi maps and the Chained Library exhibition. The town has excellent shopping facilities and a great range of cafes, restaurants and pubs. The surrounding area has much to offer too with breathtaking scenery for hikers in the Golden Valley, the Forest of Dean and the Black Mountains.

Hereford Cathedral

Hereford's Norman Cathedral is an imposing Gothic building dating back to the 12th Century. An impressive building in its own right, Hereford Cathedral is also celebrated as being home to the famous ‘Mappa Mundi’, a medieval map of the world.

History of Hereford

A brief introduction to Hereford's rich history, from Anglo-Saxon times until the present, with links to more details on Hereford's magnificent Cathedral, the Mappa Mundi maps and the chained library.

Hereford's Heritage

Details on Hereford's museums and other attractions where the city's rich heritage can be appreciated.

Shopping in Hereford

A quick guide to shopping in Hereford - where to find the main shopping areas from high street chains to small local boutiques.

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The cathedral city of Hereford lies between the towns of Worcester and Gloucester on the banks of the River Wye and is home to over 55,000 residents.

Owing to its long and varied history, the city plays host to architectural examples of almost every age, not least the eleventh century Hereford Cathedral itself which is notably home to the thirteenth century world-map, the Mappa Mundi. The cathedral also hosts the local Three Choirs Festival every third year.

Hereford is a major trading centre for the surrounding region and is home to a number local industries. The local economy is still largely land-based and agricultural, Hereford cattle being renowned for their hardiness around the world. But perhaps the most famous local industry is the cider trade, made famous by the Bulmers factory which is located in Hereford. Those with an interest in cider-making should pay a visit to the city's Cider Museum, which charts the history of its manufacture and local involvement in the industry.

Read more about Hereford in the About Hereford section.


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