Tourist Attractions around Hereford


Hereford has a great deal to offer to tourists. It is an especially attractive city with its picturesque riverbank and many examples of beautiful period architecture. The city's rich heritage can be seen from its extraordinary relics from bygone days, most notably the spectacular Norman Cathedral, the Mappa Mundi maps and the Chained Library exhibition. Hereford has excellent shopping facilities and a great range of cafes, restaurants and pubs.

The surrounding area has much to offer too with breathtaking scenery in the Golden Valley, the Forest of Dean and the Black Mountains, and local activities that can be enjoyed from pony rides to hiking. Herefordshire presents endless opportunities to explore and enjoy the villages within the countryside that give a fascinating glimpse into the rich heritage of the area.

Hereford is very accessible to the other local towns well worth a visit such as Kington, Hay on Wye, Leominster, Ledbury, Malvern and Ross on Wye, all of which are exciting and interesting towns of market origin. Moving in a Westerly direction from Hereford, the Wye area proudly protrudes from the beautiful Welsh lands via the bookshop laden Hay on Wye town and the countryside with resulting scenery in the area is truly magnificent.

Moving on through Hereford and Ross, The Wye Valley further stretches out until the area of Chepstow and the western part of the city forms the famous 'Golden Valley' which is as beautiful as it sounds. Forming a vicinity of calm and tranquillity, the Golden Valley forms an expanse of untouched and glorious landscaping. Moving eastwards the Malvern Hills lay out Worcestershire's border and the nearby town communities of Bromyawd, Ledbury and Malvern.

Down to the South of the area, the Wye intersects Symonds Yat and cuts along the outskirts of the famous Forest of Dean. Into the Northern sections of the region the Clun Forest sits adjacent to the town areas of Tenbury, Ludlow, Kington, Knighton and Leominster.

Looking further afield, Hereford is ideally placed to other historic cities and towns, being within a sixty mile radius by road and rail of Cardiff, Abergavenny, Haye on Wye, Stratford upon Avon, Gloucester and Birmingham.

Further details on the many tourist attractions around Hereford can be found at the Hereford Tourist Information Centre.